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Bank of America Small Business Online Community

The Bank of America small business forum offers “expert insights, insider tips, and the industry knowledge you need to see your business grow.” In addition to offering a variety of message boards, Bank of America also provides information in the forum’s resource center relevant to small businesses owners, like self-financing, building credit, and credit lines vs. business credit cards.

The Business Advice Forum is a business and webmaster forum that allows you to make introductions, ask questions, and get advice on topics related to business property, HR, legal issues, business planning, finance, and accounting. The message threads are primarily about online businesses.

The UK Business Forums is a U.K.-based message board offering news and advice for those engaging in international business. For small business owners looking to expand beyond their borders, this forum is a treasure trove of information—plus opportunities to connect with small business owners who have global perspectives.

The StartupNation Community platform is meant to help entrepreneurs in the startup and the small business community. You can easily search a keyword for something you’re interested in learning about and see the existing discussions related to that term. You simply have to register with the site to take part in the discussions or post your own questions.

LinkedIn Groups are a little different from typical message boards, but still provide exceptional opportunities for professionals to get advice, find answers, and network with other small business owners. Each group runs and operates a little autonomously, so some are open and anyone can join, while others are membership-only and you must be accepted by the group manager. The closed groups tend to be more strictly focused on a particular topic. A few of the popular groups include: Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs, Linked Small Business Innovators, Small Business Marketing Network and more.

To search for groups on LinkedIn, first log in to your profile and then search the group you’re looking for in the top search bar and hit enter, then filter the results by clicking “More” and selecting “Groups” from the dropdown menu.

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