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Women in Business Network

The Creative COW business and marketing forum is ideal for those in creative spaces. In addition to a wide range of advice from shared office environments to marketing, this site has tutorials, podcasts, and a job board.

Alignable is a forum that makes it easy to meet other local business owners, encourage customer referrals among each other, and get answers and advice from experts. Because this small business forum is built on relationships, Alignable includes a section for “Member Stories,” and you can also scan your current contacts to find out if any of them are also small business owners on the site.

Reddit can be useful for a number of different small business questions you might have. There are various subreddits for specific topics like the entrepreneur page, the r/small business page, the startup page, and more. You’ll find people sharing their successes and failures, sharing advice, and asking questions.

This forum, Startup Nation, is for entrepreneurs who are looking to have discussions to share tips and get advice when it comes to small businesses. There are pages where businesses owners can discuss everything from outsourcing to marketing and inspiration. They also have exclusive content for members who sign up including video content and a newsletter.

This Flying Solo forum is a community of people offering support for micro and small business owners and those owners looking for and offering advice. More than 120,000 people use the site to be part of the community, though it is based in Australia. Users on the forum discuss everything from when they check their email or when they wake up in the morning to asking for feedback on their websites.

This platform is for entrepreneurs around the world to discuss business topics with other entrepreneurs. People using The Fastlane Forum take part in general discussions, ask for book recommendations, advice on freelancing and more. The forum was created around two books by the author MJ DeMarco, “The Unscripted Entrepreneurial Framework” and “Unscripted.”

This network is designed for women to share their experiences and their questions or advice when it comes to business. Members can post to the Women in Business Network site and all women in business can find groups or meetings in their area, though it is restricted to the United Kingdom for in-person events. The forum part of the site has posts primarily from the Women In Business Network and from its members.

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